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Liikunnan Riemu


Futsal-miehillä harvinainen arki-iltakamppailu

Liikunnan Riemu futsal team returns back to Ässä-Areena after 12 days for the next mid-week home game against Vieska Futsal.

After a hard match against Akaa on Saturday, Riemu team has put a lot of effort in limited time to improve, both on and off the field. Training on Tuesday showed that there are many things to look forward to see against Vieska. Everyone is ready to keep the 3 points in Jyväskylä.

For the opponent team, this is the second trip to Jyväskylä already this year. All eyes for the Vieska futsal team will be on player number 14, well-known former Riemu player Arttu “Seksi“ Seikkula.

The host of the match: Bolt Works??

19.00 Ässä-Areena, Thursday evening, Riemu futsal, can the start of the weekend get better than this?