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Liikunnan Riemu


Liikunnan Riemu

Liikunnan Riemu is a student sports club founded in 2011. Most members are students of the University of Jyväskylä, particularly many from the  faculty of Sport and Health Sciences, although the club is open for students from all faculties. The main goal of Riemu is to offer our members opportunities to pursue their own sports hobbies as well as to spread the joy of sports around the university. Riemu aims at creating a spirit of unity and togetherness amongst students, staff, alumni and everyone else involved. 

We are a multi-sports club, having many different sports represented. In some sports, there’s only a team for women or men, but many sports also have both men’s and women’s teams. If you can’t find a field of sports of your own interests, you can always create a new sports team to be added to the list!  

Check our teams’ and boards’ contacts here

How to join?

Joining is easy and affordable for all. The membership fee for the academic year 2023-2024 is 15 euros. The membership fee entitles you to be a member of a particular team in Riemu, and represent the club in games and competitions. Club members are also offered discounts at events and courses organized by Riemu. As a member you are obliged to respect the rules of the club. Join Riemu here.